Courier, Customs and Warehousing

Courier Transporting

CJL LOGISTICS INC. takes pride in our courier services . With the introduction of electronic mail, the incredible speed of fax machines and the incredible rate of technologies' advancements, it has been understood that the courier industry is plummeting. This statement is entirely FALSE.

Businesses of today rely on their original documents and forms which need to be signed. Facsimilies and e-mail do not offer such services but WE DO! CJL LOGISTICS INC. can have your documents signed, sealed and delivered without any difficulties. We provide all services such as over-night local delivery, over-night international delivery and much more. Please call for many more options available to you.

Courier advantages :

- Inland and border clearance
- Foreign customer brokerage
- Carnets
- Temporary Import Bonds
- Regular parcel worldwide
- Surface parcel reliability
- Document and parcel organizing
- Utilize connections worldwide and ensure the safety and delivery of all documentation.

Customs Brokerage

We at CJL LOGISTICS INC. deal with customs agents daily, thus, we understand how crucial crossing borders are. Problems at the border may produce many stipulations when dealing on an international level. We demand and make sure that all shipments have passed the border quickly and efficiently according to your demands and specifications for a specific shipment.

- In-house brokerage advantages
- Electronic releases (EDI)
- Consultancy
- Accurate permits
- Assist in eliminating and reducing costly brokerage fees.

Warehousing and Distribution

- Secured warehouse
- Long or short term storage
- In-house products and services
- Fully certified and competent warehouse staff
- Warehouse equipment available