CJL LOGISTICS INC. understands that in these days of competitive business, each company has its own ideas of exactly how their logistics partner will serve their needs. CJL LOGISTICS INC. continues to strive to work on a one to one relationship with every single one of their clients, to customize the service and ensure that our clients' needs are met with immediately. Let us work with you and your company to create a service that will be beneficial to your requirements and needs.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, CJL LOGISTICS INC. has positioned itself as an international freight forwarding company, which offers unsurpassed service and customer satisfaction. Our extensive knowledge and commitment to excellence ensures that your goods will arrive safe, secure… and on time! CJL LOGISTICS INC. has expanded its services to include overseas partnerships to achieve a network of agents and carriers to handle all of your transportation requests. Because of this, our company is known for our incredible customer satisfaction, efficiency on our work and consistency in all of our freight forwarding aspects in which we execute in every single shipment